155 Gleason Lake Rd Bids

Property Manager Jill would like 2 separate bids.

Bid 1: Priority bid is along the north side of the main apartment building - Rock. 

Bid 2: Secondary rough estimate is along the east side of the property and garage - Mulch.

Needs corporate approval of any bids submitted. 

North Side Landscape Project - Rock:

Jill requested a firm bid for this project. There isn't any available truck or bobcat access, so new rock will need to be wheel barreled in from the parking lot.


Remove existing rock

Remove and throw away existing weed barrier

Remove and throw away existing edging

Keep existing bushes.

Replace with new weed barrier and edging.

Re-Use existing rock that remains and new rock will be needed - same type as existing rock.

Length of landscaped area is roughly 70 yards, or 210 feet.

Width of landscaped area varies from 7' to 15', majority is around 10-12' wide.

BID Summary

Removal Labor = $2,500

20 tons of rock - $1,400 + delivery $300 

= $1,700

Labor - $280 per ton 

= $5,600

Plastic = $650

Edging = $1,100

Dump Fee = $400

Total Bid = $11,950

* Rock overage allowance of 5 tons, if needed, = $440

* New sod along edging and "wheelbarrow hill" IS NOT included on this bid.

East side of Garage and Main Entrance Project - Mulch:

Jill asked for a rough estimate of this project. But first, she needs someone from corporate to look at the retaining wall. 

All of the tree stumps are to be removed and poisoned before start of this project, by their tree company. 


Roughly 140 yards, or 420' in length land to install weed barrier and mulch. Width varies from @ 40' to 10'. Majority is around 15'. (~ = rough estimate)

~ 65 yards in length of seen area.

~ 75 yards in length of unseen area, behind the parking garage structure.

Weed barrier down on both sides of the water. 

Mulch on top of the weed barrier in all areas where it won't wash off. 

Rock around 1 drain culvert.

Rough Estimate Summary

~ 78 yards of mulch - $150 per yard includes labor + Delivery = $550


Add Fabric = ~ $1,500

Add Edging = ~ 21 pieces 

~ $2,300

Add Rock/ Small boulders around 1 drain = 2 Tons + Larger Boulders

~ $1,600

Total Project Amount, Rough Estimate

~ $17,650

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