What Really Matters Here
A 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.
Funded by Rob & Chrissy Just
The Companies Within Just Real Estate Care.

All Net Profits From Just Solutions, Just Realty, QF Lawn & Landscape and Just Construction are used to fund WRMH.

Here Are Just A Few Examples How WRMH Helps Our Community:

Oakwood Rd, Minnetonka - Seller Purchase, Sale and New Business Partnership

Our investment company purchased a property from a terminally ill homeowner; cash deal, as-is, a quick close, hassle free, honest dealings, so that portion of the estate is arranged for her family. We then resold that property at a wholesale price, after making many improvements, to a growing family. I am now a business partner with that family, helping them expand their positive influence in our community. And, that company is now part of Just REC: QF Lawn & Landscape. Net profits from QF are donated to The WRMH Foundation.

Temporary Housing

A past client of ours had to move out of their apartment 3 months early. We were able to tide them over for 2 spring-fall seasons. 

Another client of ours is currently going through some marital issues and we are advising on how to best sell the home, cabin, and other financial concerns.

Florida Ave, St. Louis Park

We used an investor to purchase the home from a Vietnam Vet. Great guy! Just had a couple bad breaks... We saved him from foreclosure, gave him $35,000. WRMH helped him through the entire process: We were there for him anytime, which is the most important. Helped him move, supplied housing items for his new place and had a few beers with him when needed... 

Grant Dr, Eden Prairie

Homeowner was severely depressed. Rob Just provided him with cash in order to make a car payment to the bank so they wouldn't repossess the car the next day... which was all he had left. Saved his home from foreclosure, helped ease his debts from past liabilities. Helped mend his relationship with his Father. Gave him a new start.

Oakwood Rd, Minnetonka MLS Resale

Our construction company installed a new Furnace, AC, H20 Heater, Softener, New Appliances, Sink, providing a great foundation for this home. Our Just Solutions store resold this home to a family, as-is, at a wholesale price. We paid the new owner to clean out the interior and exterior and are now business partners in other endeavors. WRMH donated a bedroom set, dining room set, windows and more to the family, all while helping with their moving transition.

Talisman Curve, Roseville  

Probate property in which three siblings were heir to their Mother's home. We provided cash to siblings for temporary financial relief. Home was vacant and unsuitable for living, however someone was squatting there during winter, a step-sibling. He stayed there until other housing was found. There was a notice of foreclosure on property and multiple medical liens. The heir's came out on top with cash, instead of nothing. Our partners completely remodeled it into a great, affordable starter home and Just Realty sold it on the MLS. 

Idylwood Rd, Minnetonka

Heir to home lived in Washington State and needed to sell. Just Realty listed property for him and helped keep up the property until the transaction closed. We also provided a cash offer to him, from our Solutions Store, however his net was higher selling it on the MLS. 

Donations We Accept

WRMH accepts property deeds, land, partnerships, unwanted property, bad debt, fine personal products, new & used tools, recreation equipment and other new and used personal property. 


What We Purchase

Just Solutions purchases property, land, deeds, jr. liens, probate positions, marital interest, agreements, bad debt, other Real Estate positions, fine personal property and other items in new or good conditions.


Wholesale Items

SolutionsStore.net sells interest to property, deeds, clean title, positions on title, purchase agreements, other sellable Real Estate positions, fine personal property and other fine items. Sold on our E-Commerce Store and displayed at our Showroom.


Items We Donate

We donate essential items to households that need it most. 

Please enter your information and needs and we will reach out to you.

Essential Needs

We help one household at a time.

A client, Jay, needed to sell his home, needed help finding a new place to live, needed help moving, then didn't have much when he moved there. 

Just Realty provided him an investor with $35,000 in cash for his home, plus paid off outstanding debts. Without this help, he was set to lose his home to the bank.

The Solutions Store resold the deed on the wholesale market and donated 5% of the earnings to WRHM.

SolutionsStore.net sold a few household items that Jay didn't want anymore. It wasn't much in this case, $50 profit, which was donated to WRHM.

From these profits, The WRMH Foundation was able to provide him with the basics for his new place, helped him move, and continues to support him today with phone calls, meeting him at his club, and hopefully finding him a more permanent place to live.

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