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    A 501(c)3 Charitable Organization

This is the Foundation.

Our Non-Profit, WRMH, is the Foundation of Just Real Estate Care. It is the Foundation of the Community we are building.

The WRMH Foundation

Please stop by our showroom and donation center anytime.

21195 Minnetonka Blvd,
Shorewood, MN 55331 
(612) 703-3814   Rob@JustRec.org

The Just Rec Organization:



A message from Rob Just, CEO of The Just REC Organization:
​"​We are building an Organization to help us maintain focus on what really matters here. Our Organization supports those in our community who need help. We can help with just about any situation by using our Real Estate related services, WRMH's private and public resources, our partners, and through my wife's Family Medicine Practice at her hometown clinic in Bloomington. We are asking if you want to be a partner with us in supporting our community. We encounter many people who are facing difficult situations, and they need your help and support. 

One of our primary goals is to keep people in homes they can afford and provide our community with affordable housing. We often provide advice on maintaining a current living situation. We help our community members address difficult lien's when they are selling and buying. One example is our purchase of a property from a terminally ill homeowner; cash deal, as-is, a quick close, hassle free, honest dealings, so that portion of the estate is arranged for her family. We then resold that property at a wholesale price, with many improvements, to a growing family... 
​We have helped thousands of our neighbors and help more each day.​ The Real Estate related stories below further illustrate how we can help. But that is just the beginning! With our private and public resources, we are able to help with just about any situation.

We are building a healthy community where our actions matter. We strive to remain principled and just in everything we do. Every effort is given to be consistently present with our Family, our relatives, neighbors and friends. We Fear God, not each other. What Really Matters Here?

​We invite you to be a part of our community. Be with us in our home, at our warehouse and showroom, in our neighborhoods, on the front porch. Become a partner with us. We can do so much, together.
Rob Just, CEO of The Just REC Organization

The Just REC Organization is active in our community, helping those who need it most.  

How can you help?:

Use our Services and Products within The Just REC Organization. Profits from every company within Just REC are donated to WRMH. 

One house "flip" by Just Construction, on average, is a $2,000 donation: Sell us your home. 

One sold listing by Just Realty is a $500 donation: Let us list your home. 

60 lawns to cut each week, by QF Lawn & Landscape, makes for a great reoccurring donation: Let us cut your grass each week. And plow snow in the winter...

Help by donating items, your time, gifts and cash. Donations, transfers and gifts are 100% deductible.*

Donate your Property. 

Tell others about us.

Purchase items from our E-commerce store and at our Showroom.

Stop by the Showroom and office anytime to explore other ways to partner. The possibilities are endless! 

Thank you Donna for using Just Realty to help your family buy a new home and to list your home, using our discounted commission service; 6892 Cambridge Rd, Shakopee MN. Probable donation from Just Realty to WRMH is @ $900!!

WRMH.org supports and works with other local non-profits

Dr. Chrissy Stavig 
Park Nicollet in Bloomington, MN. 

A partner at WRMH.org, Chrissy Stavig Just has been working as a Primary Care Physician at her hometown clinic in Bloomington since 2011. She is the Clinical Medical Director, continues to earn top ratings from her patients, and helps our community members on a daily basis with their physical and mental health.

The Hope House, Chanhassen, MN                

Hope House is a temporary housing and mentoring program for homeless youth in the Southwest suburbs. WRMH supports the Hope House with monetary donations. We are hoping to help with more in the near future.


On January 4, 2016, the Open Hands Foundation opened a home for youth in crisis called The Hope House™ to meet the emergency shelter, support, and counseling needs of youth in crisis.

Homeless youth 21 and younger are the age group most likely to be homeless, and experience a higher range of being sexually abused and involvement in prostitution because of there vulnerability.  
( Stat Source: “Homelessness in MN, Key findings from the 2012 statewide survey.”)

In 2015, the Open Hands Foundation created a partnership with a program partner, and Westwood Community Church to provide a much-needed resource for youth right here in our own community.  

  • Westwood Community Church provides the facility, a wonderful house right next to the church on highway 41, as well as ongoing maintenance.

  • OpenHands Foundation provides funding and volunteers.

  • 180 Degrees is the program partner providing all professional services.

Tim Tebow Foundation

WRMH.org supports the TTF Anti-Human Trafficking outreach. FAMILY IS EVERYTHING: Mother, Father, Siblings, Grandparents, Friends, Aunts & Uncles, Cousins. "Preserving and Strengthening a healthy family is the key to improving our community".

For the last decade, the number of individuals trapped in the vicious industry of human trafficking has increased with every passing year.* It is estimated that as many as 40 million people in the world today are being bought and sold as modern-day slaves. Women, children, and even men are being captured, exploited, and abused on a daily basis in every country around the world. 

The statistics are staggering. Human trafficking generates $150 billion worldwide, with the United States leading all other countries demand. Roughly 70% of victims worldwide are female. 25% are children. They have been identified in every single US state, and more than ever are reaching out for help.**

These numbers are just a few of the overwhelming many, and they are only rising. But hope is not lost. Now is the time that the fight for the lives of these 40 million is now a rising concern for organizations, churches, and leaders across the globe. The Tim Tebow Foundation is committed to advancing this fight for the lives of those who have been trafficked or who are at risk of becoming victims. Though the Foundation has served in this space for years, we are burdened to go deeper.

*American Bar Association, January 2019.                                **The Polaris Project, July 20

The Nazarene Fund

To liberate the captive, to free the enslaved, and to rescue, rebuild and restore the lives of Christians and other persecuted religious and ethnic minorities wherever and whenever they are in need.


Rescue - Rebuild - Restore --------


Old Earth Organics

WRMH supports Healthy Living. 

Organic produce and homegoods delivered from our farm to your doorstep.

"When we show respect for living things, they respond with respect for us. "This philosophy sits at the center of everything we do. We believe we are temporary stewards of this land; when we take care to preserve and improve it, the blessing is returned.

From the seeds we source to the techniques we use to bring about their utmost potential, it's all done with the mindfulness that it is our responsibility to take care of each other and the old earth who takes care of us.


Public Resources for Housing and Personal Care Needs

Hennepin County

Carver County

Scott & Dakota County

How WRMH.org is helping our Real Estate Community:

Oakwood Rd, Minnetonka Seller Purchase

Our Just Solutions store purchased this property quickly, as-is, with cash, from a 30+ yr owner. Owner had serious health issues and needed to sell fast while working with someone she could trust. WRMH assisted with moving, clean-up of home and items for donation.

Florida Ave, St. Louis Park

We used an investor to purchase the home from a Vietnam Vet. Great guy! Just had a couple bad breaks... We saved him from foreclosure, gave him $35,000. WRMH helped him through the entire process: We were there for him anytime, which is the most important. Helped him move, supplied housing items for his new place and had a few beers with him when needed... 

Grant Dr, Eden Prairie

Homeowner was severely depressed. Rob Just provided him with cash in order to make a car payment to the bank so they wouldn't repossess the car the next day... which was all he had left. Saved his home from foreclosure, helped ease his debts from past liabilities. Helped mend his relationship with his Father. Gave him a new start.

Oakwood Rd, Minnetonka MLS Resale

Our construction company installed a new Furnace, AC, H20 Heater, Softener, New Appliances, Sink, providing a great foundation for this home. Our Just Solutions store resold this home to a family, as-is, at a wholesale price. We paid the new owner to clean out the interior and exterior and are now business partners in other endeavors. WRMH donated a bedroom set, dining room set, windows and more to the family, all while helping with their moving transition.

Talisman Curve, Roseville  

Probate property in which three siblings were heir to their Mother's home. We provided cash to siblings for temporary financial relief. Home was vacant and unsuitable for living, however someone was squatting there during winter, a step-sibling. He stayed there until other housing was found. There was a notice of foreclosure on property and multiple medical liens. The heir's came out on top with cash, instead of nothing. Our partners completely remodeled it into a great, affordable starter home and Just Realty sold it on the MLS. 

Idylwood Rd, Minnetonka

Heir to home lived in Washington State and needed to sell. Just Realty listed property for him and helped keep up the property until the transaction closed. We also provided a cash offer to him, from our Solutions Store, however his net was higher selling it on the MLS. 

Below Are Recent Donations we have received from our Community Members.

Donations given to WRMH.org take one of two paths:

1. WRMH gifts them to those in need.

​2. WRMH inspects the item, prices it, then gives it to our Solutions Store to sell at wholesale pricing. 100% of the profits are donated to The WRMH Foundation.

Baby Jogger

A Member donated this stroller to WRMH.org and received a donation receipt. Currently For Sale at SolutionsStore.net and on display at our Showroom @ 21195 Minnetonka Blvd, Shorewood MN. Priced at wholesale / used price and The Solutions Store will donate all proceeds back to The WRMH Foundation.

Fat Tire, donated, sold on Craigslist by SolutionsStore.net. The Solution Stores profit of $450 was donated to WRMH.org. The Foundation then uses this donation to help homeowners in our community with their current living situation.

Car Seat Donation: Not Expired. Donated by a member. Currently For Sale at our E-Commerce Store: SolutionsStore.net. Or a Free "Essential Need" for anyone in need. If you are in need, come to our showroom to pick it up @ 21195 Minnetonka Blvd, Shorewood MN 55331.

Helping Our Community

The WRMH Foundation

WRMH accepts donations in the form of Real Property and Personal Property.

These donations are sold at our Solutions Store and through Just Realty on the MLS. Profits are then donated to WRMH.

Here are a few items that are For Sale or have sold at SolutionsStore.net

The Solutions Store

We Offer Quality Services and Quality Products at Wholesale Pricing.

  • Free Essential Needs
  • Personal Property For Sale
  • Real Property For Sale
  • Lawn & Landscape Services & Products
  • Construction Services & Products
Solutions Store

Owners, Partners & Investors of WRMH.org

Rob Just

CEO of The Just REC Organization


Dr. Christina Stavig - Just

Co-Owner of WRMH & Just Solutions & Family Physician


Ashley Gorman

Partner of WRMH & Realtor w/ Just Realty


Maria Flores

Assistant for The Just REC Organization. Co-owner of QF Lawn & Landscape


Eddie Flores

Co-Owner of QF Lawn & Landscape



Thank you for your partnership

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